Kitale School Uganda


Our aim is to enrich the lives of the children and the community of Kitale through education and independence

Every penny donated reaches the children it is intended for. 



            About our school 

In the the village of Kitale B around 100kms from Kampala. Little or no aid had ever reached the village - they had no water, school, clinic, electricity or any of the things we take for granted in everyday life.

 In 2005 there was nothing except despair in the village, disease and poverty was everywhere, children and adults alike felt they were the forgotten people.

Within 3 months with all the villagers helping we had the first 3 classrooms built and our first 75 pupils, all orphans, started at the school






Kitale Orphan School has now been running

                     for 10 years

Now in 2015 we educate and feed and give health care to around 350 orphan children we also give them vocational training, hope,  the chance of proper job and a future for them and their families 

What we have realized is that we must not try and enforce western ideals and standards upon the villagers who's lives are so different from ours that is as hard for us to grasp how they really live, and just how important traditional values are to them. 


 We now know that what these people want and need is a good education and jobs with a better future for there children but perhaps just as importantly they need independence and the pride that comes with it.


The children also need jobs that will enable them to earn a living we work out in the bush and the prospect of doing anything once they have left school apart from going back to work as a subsistence farmer was very small indeed in fact we were educating the children to do nothing, we needed to fix that problem



So we have introduced vocational training in baking, dressmaking, underwear making, sanitary pad making. crop production, chicken rearing, brick making, pig production, pineapple production and many other schemes   




Plus Sustainability

Now through many different schemes such as the village savings and loan scheme and the women's empowerment initiative we have brought some employment to the village with new projects such as the bakery project when previously they had never seen an oven, the craft project showing them brand new skills and the pineapple and upland rice projects.

The idea is that through education and training plus a little help from us we will turn this community from destitute to self sufficient and to also make them able to support there own school we plan that with even reasonable luck this should be at least partially achieved in the next few years. 

In the meantime all the help and support we can get is needed to help achieve this end and prove there is a better way of giving aid so whether you donate, volunteer here or in Uganda or just share our message with others on behalf of the children and villagers of Kitale we thank you from the bottom of our hearts 



What does your money do ? 

£1 feeds a child for a month

£3 covers the cost of a pupils uniform for a year

£5 provides books, exercise books and exam fees for a pupil for a year

£10 pays a teacher for a week 

£8 a month sponsors a child's education health care and food




  Also Charity shop in North Walsham Norfolk to donate contact Helen 07721655703 or just bring it in


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A registered UK charity No 1139453